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 "Fostering a Wealth of Knowledge focused on Health & Wellness for Head Start                                 Children, Families, and Staff"                                                          

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Our program’s goal is to ensure that every child enrolled in Head Start is in the best possible health. While in Head Start preventative health measures are taking along with follow up treatments to detect any health conditions that may have an impact on your child’s ability to learn.  Head Start requires that each child have complete physical exam, and an up-to-date immunizations record, vision exam & blood lead test with results.

We encourage you to keep your child up-to-date on all the required health care exams. The Family Advocates along with other staff will assist you in making appointments, referrals and arranging transportation as needed to obtain any required health exams or screenings.

With parents/guardian’s permission, each child will receive the following as part of our program if the screening is not performed by the child’s physician:

  • Hearing Screening/Observation
  • Growth Assessments(height/weight)
  • Speech Screening/Observation
  • Dental Screening

An up-to-date health and medical history will be completed at enrollment and kept on file. All the required health exams will be in the child’s file as well.                                         

Health Policy

Action Based Learning

Action Based Learning - In the Classrooms! With the help of our Health and Wellness Coach, Katie Brockman, CKCAC HS/EHS is now implementing Action Based Learning in your child's classroom!

Action Based Learning™ is based on the brain research that strongly supports the link between movement and learning. We know that healthy, active students, make better learners! So how do we apply this to the classroom? Action Based Learning provides educational training that focuses on creating an optimal learning environments for all students, through movement. ABL strategies are teacher friendly, time efficient, and most importantly - make learning fun for students. Students engaged in Action Based Learning show improved memory retention, increased focus and attention, improved grades, and less behavioral issues. 

Please visit:

Dental Health

“When children’s oral Health suffers, so does their ability to learn”

Your child’s oral health plays an important role in their overall growth & development.

In Head Start health services are based on the premise that a child must be healthy and ready to learn. Oral Health is essential to a child’s speech, language, and behavior. Head Start classroom’s practice and promote good oral hygiene daily, by helping children to brush their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste.

The benefit of prevention and proper oral healthcare, along with the importance of establishing a dental home early in life are one of the many topics parents receive information on as well as gains a better understanding of oral health.

According to the Academy of general Dentistry seeing a dentist twice a year during the school-year is vital because this is a time of great change in the mouth with kids losing baby teeth and getting in their permanent teeth.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, and left untreated, it can impair a child's ability to eat, speak, sleep and learn. However, studies show more than 60 percent of school-age children do not see a dentist annually.

"Simple preventive checkups twice a year can head off childhood decay and help you and your child learn how to protect their teeth through out the year."

Children should brush at least twice a day. To encourage children to brush after every meal, let them pick out their own travel toothbrush and toothpaste. There are many child-friendly products that help encourage young children to brush. "Make sure your child's toothpaste contains fluoride and the toothbrush has soft-bristles."

Finding a Dentist:

Finding Dental Insurance Coverage:


 Nourishing food is a foundation for developmentally appropriate learning experiences and contribute to health and well-being!

Mealtime is an important learning opportunity for children. Head Start ensures that your child receives a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack. Head Start promotes healthy eating habits with the hope of establishing life-long healthy habits for children and their families.

Nutrition make it a top priority, National studies show only one in five school age children eats the recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables - greatly increasing their risks of cavities. In addition, only one in five children meets even the minimum standards for calcium consumption.

Mental Health